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We are an indie company that develops computer and mobile games. However, we give priority to computer games. We believe that our games must meet the desires of our players. We appreciate your attention and support very much. Our products are available for downloading and viewing worldwide. Every year we try to expend the localization of our products to make it easier for you to use them.


Artepi Corporation

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Creation of the sun

Fill your sun with plasma, shift event horizons to annihilate black holes. The sun should be born and help her in this only You can, with the help of plasma fill the core of the sun.

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World of Surveillance

The leaders of all States decided to unite their efforts to ensure the security of all people on earth for the sake of world peace. You are given the honor to lead a secret organization of agents. Your task is to reach the highest level of observation.

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The idea of ​​the game is to build your space station from scratch. You are an admiral, who manages the station. In the process of constructing the station, you can choose your model parts of the station. You control the life on the station...

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The world where darkness and chaos reigns is ruled by the great and terrible Daemond, one of the supreme demons of Hell. Your mother Alivia was a human in the world of living, but Daemond kidnapped her into the world of fallen and made her his queen, endowing her with the power of darkness.

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A little boy was running around the field and suddenly caught a butterfly. For him, it was just a toy, but it wanted to live, because life was so joyful. The butterfly hadn’t have time to enjoy the flowers, their fragrance, the sun-the life itself! ...